STEMRec - Setting Franklin Discovery Apart

Our 5,000 square foot STEMRec center is an educational wonderland for young, inquisitive minds to explore, play, create, and learn. Our STEMRec center is filled with various stations and hands-on activities for self-directed exploration and play. The STEMRec center includes:

  • A fish tank with Glo-fish and other creatures
  • A climbing area with a suspension bridge
  • A butterfly pavilion, with real butterflies and plants, to watch the life cycle in action
  • Various building stations: legos, kinex, gears, snap circuits, etc.
  • The workshop is set-up as a workbench area for students to build with erector sets, tools, robotics and more 
  • Over 500 giant foam blocks to build towers, arches, and more 
  • A trading post for students to redeem positive behavior tokens for a variety of small trinkets and geological items, like rocks and shells
  • Don't forget our slide!