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Create, Play, Learn, Inspire

Franklin Discovery Academy


SAGE Testing -  April 23rd - May 18th
May 9th - Hope of America Concert - 6:00pm at BYU Marriott Center

May 11th - FSO End of Year Celebration - 5:30pm 
May 16th - Choir Class Concert - 6:00pm
May 17th - Kindergarten Spring Concert - 6:00pm
Seussical the Musical Performances
     -May 18th at 7:30pm
     -May 21st at 6:00pm 
     -May 22nd at 6:00pm 
May 24th - 6th Grade Graduation - 6:00pm
May 28th - No School - Memorial Day
June 1st - End of Traditional School Year

2018-19 Enrollment is now open!

About Franklin Discovery Academy 

All parents want their children to get the most out of their education. Oftentimes, a normal, group-based learning experience just won’t cut it. Every child is different and, for educators, it’s important that all of their pupils’ specific needs are tended to. Children will undoubtedly go through cognitive obstacles, and this is why you should look into public charter schools, like Franklin Discovery Academy in Vineyard, Utah. As one of the best elementary charter schools in the area, we strive to provide quality, personalized learning for each of our students. Public charter schools like us are committed to finding new and innovative ways to enhance the learning experience. We put our students in fun and hands-on educational activities that are sure to spark your child’s inherent curiosity. Through a charter school's program, you and your child will find exactly how to best develop cognitive skills in ways better than traditional schooling. If you’re worried about a charter school's fee, don’t worry! Public charter schools are public, and are free and open to enroll for any family. If you want your child to excel in their studies and have a successful future, check out Franklin Discovery Academy!

Call us today for a guided tour and see what sets Franklin Discovery Academy apart from other local public charter schools.

Would you like to take a tour of the school? Call the front desk at 801-785-6500 to set up a tour. Para una visita guiada en espanol llama a Genel al 801-785-6500

Franklin Model

Our goal at Franklin Discovery Academy is to provide a personalized learning experience for every student. The founders – as parents, teachers, and instructional designers – have created an educational wonderland where every child is recognized as a born explorer with curiosity, talents, and gifts. Read our Mission and Vision here.

Educational Model

Our school provides individualized, self-paced instruction based using the Franklin Model, a blended learning educational model, incorporating three main elements: student agency, mastery learning, and rich, hands-on experiences.

With mastery learning, our students stay on-topic until they have demonstrated mastery. They do not merely memorize information, but build in-depth knowledge and connections between subjects. Learn more about our educational model here. Click here for our FAQ.

Your Child's Team

At Franklin Discovery, students are surrounded with a team of educators to help them in the exploration of knowledge. This team includes Mentoring Teachers, Academic Coaches, and Master/Lab Teachers. Learn more about your child's teachers here.

School Charter

Our Charter can be found at the Utah State Office of Education Website.