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Create, Play, Learn, Inspire

Franklin Discovery Academy


Parents, please use this form to submit requests concerning online school-at-home issues. This is the fastest way to contact the school IT Team.

In addition, please see daily updates and general school-at-home information on our facebook page.


Come in for a tour today, or call us at 801-785-6500.



  • Foxes Read Program for Interested Parents


  • Staff Professional Development (Dates TBD)
  • Rehearsals & Performances (Lion King, Orchestra, Dance Team, etc)
  • Class Reunions (farewell party)
  • Summer Camp-style Classes
  • SPED Services
  • 2020 Lockdown Time Capsule Ceremony


  • Monday, August 3rd: "Soft" Reopening of School (optional)
    • Consists of two 2-week self-contained terms
  • Monday, August 31st: Begin full-length Term

About Franklin Discovery Academy 

Franklin Discovery offers a unique, exciting, and innovative experience for students in grades K-6.  We're a FREE public charter school located in bustling Vineyard, Utah.  Our model is about putting students and families at the center and providing support around them, rather than the typical, take-it-or-leave-it approach of a school being at the center and students and families expected to revolve around it.  One major difference for our students is our flexible start and end times.  Students may arrive between 7:30 and 10:30am and leave between 2:30 and 5:30pm.  Some students stay for just the six hour minimum while other students stay for all 10 hours (all at no extra charge).  We also offer an extended school year so that families can take time off for family activities during the regular school year.  

Another huge Franklin difference–students get to choose Engage classes that interest them in the areas of math, literacy, science, social science, music, art, drama, reading, IT, jobs, and wellness.  We are big believers in balanced education and put significant resources towards our arts programs and meaningful play.  Last, but certainly not least, we make sure your family time stays your family time by being a no-homework school.  We do not assign homework other than to ask all parents to read books of their choosing with their children for 20 minutes each night.

Come take a tour of our vibrant and exciting learning community.  Call us today and see how Franklin Discovery Academy can make a difference for your family. Call the front desk at 801-785-6500. Para una visita guiada en espanol llama a Jenny al 801-785-6500.