Darroll Young

Wellness Master Teacher

Physical wellness is defined as the "Commitment to self-care through regular participation in physical activity and healthy eating." (as cited in Strout & Howard, 2015). That commitment to ‘Self-care’ makes Wellness much more than mere physical health, exercise or nutrition. Here at Franklin Discovery, we want our wellness program to include social, emotional, intellectual and physical wellness. Each of these dimensions acts and interacts in a way that contributes to our own quality of life.

Physical Education has always been a love of my life. Little did I know that that love would carry me through a Bachelor’s degree from Utah State University (Physical Education), collegiate athletics in both football and coaching basketball; a 7-year-military career with strong emphasis in physical fitness and health; and a Master’s Degree from BYU (Public Administration) so I could reach more people.

Taking care of the body is essential to wellness. In my experience, self-care for the body is just as important as learning how to handle the many different mental/emotional issues. Often, kids don’t realize the importance of taking care of their bodies in order to have the strength and energy to make changes in other areas of life. From my experience, our kids frequently view self-care activities such as eating well, keeping commitments, taking responsibility for their actions and exercising, as a habit that they cannot do or isn't fun.

I want our kids to know:

1. They can do anything they want to do.

2. They can be successful in hard things, and

3. Fear should not keep us from being our best selves.

All my classes will include not only a physical activity to help get ‘the wiggles’ out and build physical and cardio strength but also an opportunity to learn about why we do them, and the effect it can have on our personal ‘self-care’ in all other aspects of our life like being proactive, planning & setting goals, understanding priorities, respecting others, and valuing differences.

I love my family!! My wonderful wife thinks her 6 kids are awesome, but I can never seem to find that 6th kid hidden in our 5 children (affectionately called “monsters” with her as the Momster and me as the Dadster). I love good books, music, art, and sports. Even better than all those things is doing them with milk and Oreos!!! I look forward to helping your kids ‘get their wiggles’ out and getting to know each of them.

Please let me know if I can specifically help your child succeed in these areas.