Why Franklin?

Top 10 Reasons parents LOVE Franklin Discovery:

  1. No nightly homework battles! With our strict no-homework policy, Franklin Discovery puts parents back in the driver's seat to choose how to spend family time. Research shows there is no academic benefit for homework at the elementary level. Click here for more details.
  2. We revolve around your family's needs, rather than expecting you to conform to our needs. We offer hours and schedules to meet all different family situations. We encourage family vacations and do not penalize students for missing school for your awesome, memory-building vacations.
  3. Flexible, extended hours. Students can be dropped-off between 7:30am-10:30am and picked-up between 2:30-5:30pm. Students can attend between six and ten hours per day, all at no charge.
  4. Flexible, extended school year. We offer 210 school days per year, instead of the normal 180, so that you can take off time during the school year as needed for your family.
  5. Students LOVE coming to school. Franklin is different. We're not a sit-in-your-seat-and-complete-worksheets-all-day-long sort of school. We are hands-on. We move. Our students love coming to school! (We've even had kids cry over not being able to come during Christmas break!)
  6. Students LOVE our Engage classes. Our K-6 students get to attend different Engage classes throughout the day. They are hands-on, project-based, real-world classes, and students love not having to sit all day in the same room doing worksheets.
  7. Students LOVE our field trip class. That's right, we have a class dedicated just to field trips. Students in the class attend 15-17 different field trips in a seven week periods.
  8. We don't teach to the test.  Our goal isn't to have the top standardized test scores. We believe your student is way more than just one number. We focus on fostering a sense of wonder and a love for learning. Many schools spend hours a day teaching to the test because of pressure to raise test scores. We believe this is a mistake and leads to student burn-out at way too young of an age. Our students get to enjoy art, music, wellness, drama, social science and meaningful play, all things that go the chopping block when school's focus heavily on test scores.
  9. Students LOVE their teachers. We employ about one adult for every five students at the school. Students are surrounded by a team of highly-trained and dedicated educators. Every student is assigned a mentoring teacher who guides them through our program. Students love their mentors and know they care deeply about their success.
  10. We're a FREE kindergarten-six grade public school in Vineyard, Utah.

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