MAY 10, 2019

Like always I AM BACK to write about the exciting school we all love! Recently Franklin has awarded the foxes by having crazy hair day and hat day! Wed the 8th was full of mohawks, curly hair, things “stuck” in hair, and lots of donuts, donut hair buns that is. Hat day has kids more relaxed than a hoodie! All of the kids were so excited for the money that was raised for the school during the FoxTrot.  They also enjoyed all of the awards and fun things they got to do during the FoxTrot assembly.

Another fun thing this week was teacher appreciation week. Students made punny decorations in jobs for all the teachers doors. Teachers also got donuts, chips, drinks and a few meals, which left kids drooling. Teachers were so happy with their treats and appreciation to fuel them.

MAY 6, 2019

Good morning foxes! After the amazing assembly that we’ll brief on after important dates!

World Fair put on by Mr. Adams turned out great! Students were able to go to homerooms and STEM-Rec to visit places around the world, ok ok not really visit however we did get to see some great presentations from some awesome students. Thank you everyone for presenting, and thank you to the students who were behaving during the presentations.

Crazy hair day on Wednesday the 8th, We have  kindergarten concert Thursday the 9th, and hat day on Friday the 10th.

Now let’s talk about the assembly! Like expected, the assembly was a blast! Kids got amazing prizes, teachers hearts stopped at holding snakes, rats, and spiders! 2 lucky students got to do blindfolded makeup on Mrs.Jessica and Mrs. Barrett. Boy was the result scary! The one that was real 50/50 (either really devastated or excited) was when Mr.David shaved not only his beard but the sides of his head like Avengers Hawk Eye! All the while Mr.Keaton watched, while taped to the wall.

Now it’s off to tests and close to the end of school! Also remember it’s teacher appreciation week so make sure to say hello and show your love!

APRIL 25, 2019

                                    Franklin FOX Newsletter

The franklin fox school is still buzzing with activity! Friday May 3rd is a particularly busy day with free dress, a bike safety assembly at 10:00, fair day, and the fox trot award assembly! So two assemblies and a lot of fair day activities! Buckle up for fun!

Fair day is where we don’t have regular schedules we do activities in certain classes, some have theme. Like careers, greek gods, and such. The fox trot award assembly is where we find out how much money our loving, helpful OWN foxes made! For every lap you run you get entered to win a prize and those will be given on friday along with putting out money raising activities like snakes and pie throwing!

Finally, the school wizard of oz assembly performance was the 29th, and since we need time for classes, the students are only doing the songs and the meeting of the wizard so everyone is still included! Since there isn’t enough songs, we will have the A cast do one scene, and the B cast do another. I hope the last of you got the chance to see out B cast’ last performance also at 6:00 on the 29th.

APRIL 18, 2019

We had such a great spring break! The weather was amazing! Now we are back to the cold, rainy couple of weeks!

What happened last week in our franklin fox den?! After the amazing assembly with our show stopping guest Cosmo the cougar who had kids crying over blown kisses, and our own lovely Franklin Fox, us FDA students and teachers had an unexpected fire drill! While students were getting ready for their 1:45 classes, the familiar blaring siren of the fire alarm went off all throughout the halls. Students thought nothing of it at first and began to line up at the closest class, and continue the fire drills procedure we are so routined to. Once students were lined up [by teachers] outside, and hadn’t gotten checked off and walked inside, is when kids began to worry. The longer we were out the more frantic people became. While people walked the school talking to the teachers, fire trucks began to stop in our driveway. The firemen came out and gave no sign of worry, calming us down, but we all knew something was wrong. After finally going inside we found out something in the kitchen was producing steam and set off the fire alarm. Since the teachers hadn’t scheduled a drill, firefighters came just in case. But I think everyone’s happy to hear that everything is controlled, and after some consoling to the students, everyone is A OKay in the fox family! Now kids have concluded the real culprit of the fire is students’ burning love for Cosmo!<3

Get excited about the fox-trot lots of fun will be had!! Help raise money for your school ask family, friends, neighbors but remember to have permission from your parents and be safe. When asking for donations remember to tell them you will be running/skipping/walking or jogging all of the laps you possibly can in order to earn the money they donate.

IMPORTANT DATES:  April 25 fox trot

May 6 - 10 teacher appreciation week!! *no free dress this month

Wizard of OZ performances coming up. A-cast 25th Thursday and the 27th both of them are going to be at 6:00

Dress rehearsal April 23rd final dress rehearsal April 24th

PLEASE PLEASE Look through lost and found and take your items home!!

Also when you go to recess and take a ball to play with leave your name tag

MARCH 21, 2019 

   Franklin Fox Newsletter!                 

Stem Rec News:

After Spring break there will be changes made to self- directed challenges; instead of taking a stick for self-directed at the beginning of STEMRec you will now fill out a project request. You will need to bring the request to your homeroom teacher and your teacher will schedule a time to do it at the self directed tables.


Please remember to take belongings HOME

Your coats, lunch boxes, empty food bins, and other personal items are piling up again. Remember to take all papers home and leave your toys at home.

The Fox dot store is only opened Wednesdays and Fridays please do not try and shop other days

Box Tops:  Please remember to turn box tops in, and make sure to put your homeroom teachers name on the bag.


Assembly fun!

We had a great opportunity to have Ballet West SLC come and teach us about Ballet and do a fun performance for us. It was so fun, thanks for all the volunteers who joined on stage.

Franklin Facts

Jobs class no longer passes out paper dots, the class will add the dots into the store bank. Also Jobs is running a tutoring program! The little kids and big kids love it, The blogs are also being written in Jobs by Janie, Sierra and Ava this block!

Do you have any announcements you would like us to write in the newsletter? We will attach emails at the bottom, for you to ask your Homeroom teacher to email us your questions, comments and/or concerns!

Jokes and memes of the week

Q: Why do cows wear bells

A: Because their horns don’t work

MARCH 19, 2019

Hello Franklin Foxes!

How’s it going, wonderful Franklin Discovery Family? This is your weekly Franklin Discovery Newsletter.  Over this last weekend we had Daylight Savings, you might feel like these coming up weeks are going to be a little off, and tiring. In our upcoming newsletters we will be getting you caught up with all of our exciting school events, updates and just a letter for you to read and be reminded how awesome all of us students are making this school!!

Do you have any announcements you would like us to write in the newsletter? We will attach emails at the bottom, for you to ask your Homeroom teacher to email us your questions, comments and/or concerns!

The Fox Trot is coming up! We have heard some of the teachers are going to do some crazy things! Maybe a snake will wrap around someone, or a tarantula crawling on their face. I hope we get to throw pies again. You definitely won’t want to miss it. Image result for clean memes     

Jokes and memes of the week

Q: What time did the man go to the dentist?

A: Tooth-hurty (2:30)

*Cashier* “Would you like your milk in a bag?”

*Shopper* “No thanks, I’d like to keep it in the carton”

Q: Why did nose not want to go to school?

A: He was tired of getting picked on!

As promised above, here are the two emails you can send your newsletter requests to! :)

 MARCH 5, 2019

Welcome to the Franklin Newsletter.  We will try to have a new one each week to keep you updated.

TRASH - Remember to pick up your trash inside and at recess.  No one likes a dirty school.

EVENTS - We had such an exciting week last week. There was the spelling bee and talent show try-outs.  Congratulations to Alan Gudmansen for getting 1st place, Joshua Stevens for getting 2nd and Reagen Haring for placing 3rd. Also, great job to all spelling bee participants.  Everyone did great!  Speaking of great, we just had talent show tryouts! The talent show will be very exciting! Finally, we are having the Battle of the Books.  Make sure to grab a paper from your teacher and stop by the library on your way home.


Why did the baby cross the road?                                                                                    Because it was tied to the chicken 

What do you give to a sick lemon?                                                                                          lemon-aid/lemonade

What's a tornado's favorite game?                                                                                            Twister