September 1, 2018 - Announcing Franklin's Adventurous Field Trip Class

And…. we’re off!  Franklin Discovery Academy is pleased to announce the beginning of our exciting field trip class, a program unlike any other in the state of Utah.  Our new field trip director, Kris Hatch, is now taking out 20 students on field trips every single day. Students in the field trip class will participate in 16 to 20 field trips over the course of one term.  The field trips are organized into a “field trip class” that each student will have the opportunity to enroll in.

Students enrolled in the field trip class in grades 3 to 4 will attend a field trip each Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday during the term.  Students in grades 5 and 6 will participate in a field trip each Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday.

An incredible itinerary is set for students in the class, with stops scheduled at Clark Planetarium, Living Planet Aquarium, College exploration campus visits, SeaQuest, Tracy Aviary, Hogle Zoo, Christa McAuliffe Space Center, Hil AeroSpace and more.  Students will also have a chance to enjoy Utah’s natural wonders with hikes and camp-outs to Cottonwood Canyon, Zion’s National Park, and Arches.

Research has shown that student learning from field trips is significantly higher than classroom learning.  At Franklin Discovery, we place high value on the authentic experiences students can get while attending field trips.  Some 200 students are slated to enroll in the field class this year, meaning they will participate in 16-20 field trips in one year, compared to the state average for field trips of 0.87.