State Assessments

In addition to formative assessments as part of our mastery-based model, Franklin Discovery Academy participates in all state mandated tests.

Utah’s Kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile (Keep)

Keep provides insights into current levels of academic and social-emotional performance upon entry and exit of kindergarten. Keep assists with identifying students in need of early intervention instruction and promote differentiated instruction for all students. It is administered two times a year. 

  • Beginning of year:3 weeks before the first day of school to 3 weeks after Kindergarten starts 
  • End of Year:Last 4 weeks of school 


Dibels is completed three times a years. Dibels is administered during the state testing windows. Test scores are reported to the state of Utah as required by state and federal law.

  • Beginning of year assessment
  • Middle of the year assessment
  • End of the year assessments

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Sage is administered during the state testing windows near the end of the school year for grades three through six. Results are updated in ASPIRE by the State Board of Educations Assessment Department generally in the month of August. 

Cumulative school and state wide tests scores for the 2017-2018 school year are released by the state during the summer months.  Click here for State of Utah Pamphlet on Sage testing. En Español

Test Results

Please contact your mentor teacher for more information about your individual student's test results. If you have further questions regarding state tests please contact school administration.

Exclusion from Testing

We highly recommend every student take state assessments. Assessments support a teachers ability to provide individualized instructions. State assessments are included in schools state grade. Exclusions forms must be turned in at least one day prior to the beginning of the testing window. A new form must be completed for each school year. Exclusion forms can be picked up at the front desk during normal school hours.  A Click here for state parental exclusion frequently asked question. 

Utah School Grade 

The state of Utah will not be issuing a letter grade to our school this year.  A significant portion of the State of Utah grading of schools is improvement on assessments between school years. We will receive a letter grade in the fall of 2018 using our first and second year assessments scores.