Program Information

The Flexibility of Homeschool with the 

Support of a Charter School

Do you like the flexibility of homeschool or other private programs but need or want extra resources to provide the best possible education for your child?  Would you like some extra support in a home educational environment or private program?  Franklin Discovery Academy has a completely free program (Franklin Hybrid) that provides the flexibility of a homeschool but the support of a charter school.  At the heart of Franklin Discovery is a deep belief in the power of real life experience through field trips and engaging hands-on experiences. We've designed Franklin Hybrid to enhance our mission and vision in those areas. Franklin Hybrid:

  • Franklin Hybrid is open to students in grades 1-6. 
  • Provides up to a total $1200 for educational resources, curriculum supplies and field trip reimbursements
    • For each field trip report submitted by the student, Franklin reimburses the family $50.  
    • Field trips need to be on the approved list or with teacher approval.  Click here to view the approved list.  It includes the most awesome places to visit in Utah!
    • We have a no-hassle policy for getting the stipends.  You simply submit your child's field trip report. 
  • Franklin Hybrid students may optionally join in on school field trips, Engage classes, or our free after school clubs.  Hybrid students can enroll in up to 10 Engage classes per year in addition to 5 STEMRec sessions per year with no reduction in the stipends.
    • Franklin Discovery offers daily Engage classes in eight curricular areas: Literacy, Math, Social Science, Science, Art, Music, Drama, and Wellness.  
    • If you are short on time or experience in a particular subject area, your student can attend just that class in an in-school setting. 
  • Free After school clubs
    • This term those clubs include sports club, ballroom dancing, Lego League, and more.  
  • Teacher supports that fit the needs of the student and family (in person, online, over the phone)
  • A full online curriculum is optionally available for Literacy, Math, Science. 

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