Pick Up/Drop Off

School Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

In order to have a safe and efficient environment for pick up and drop off, there are some rules that need to be abided by. These rules are for the safety of our children.

  • When picking up or dropping off your child(ren), you MUST use the right lane closest to the school. This lane is ONLY for brief stopping in order to unload or load students.
  • The middle and left most lanes in front of the school are driving lanes. This is the only way to exit the school parking lot and these lanes must be kept clear. There is absolutely NO PARKING in the driving lanes and students will not be released to cars parked in these two lanes.
  • If you need to get out of your car for any reason, you MUST park in the parking lot to the west of the school. The exception to this rule is when picking up or dropping off a child to kindergarten or preschool/childcare.
  • Kindergarteners and preschool/childcare families may park in the right most lane by the kindergarten doors ONLY. You may not park here to come in and pick up students grades 1 - 6.

Please remember to follow these rules to keep our children safe during pick up and drop off.