Student Charge Policy

In order to provide students and parents at Franklin Discovery Academy with the best possible service and accountability for school meals, the following procedures are in place for meal charges

  • Students should maintain a positive meal plan balance.

  • All students will be provided a regular meal until their account reaches negative $25.00.

  • Students may only purchase a sandwich and carton of milk after they have reached negative $25.00.

  • Franklin Discovery Academy will send a collection warning letter to parents of students who have reached negative $25.00.

  • Parents may request Franklin Discovery Academy to not allow their students to purchase al la carte items (extra juice/milk) or purchase any items from the cafeteria.

  • Parents must inform the school if they would like their student to be able to purchase two meals in one day. Any second meal will be charged at the FULL rate even for students on free/reduce meal plans.

Franklin Discovery Academy is committed to providing meals to all students, however, there is a responsibility on the parents and students to assure that there are funds in the meal account.