Teaching Model

Franklin Discovery Academy Teachers

In order to provide students with the adult attention they deserve while maintaining flexibility in learning, Franklin Discovery Academy takes a different approach to how it staffs teachers. Rather than having one over-worked teacher with a class of 30 students, we have divided the work between three teachers. Academic Coaches are in charge of providing one-on-one assistance and guidance to a small group of students. Mentoring Teachers will have a typical sized "class", but by focusing only on creating students' educational maps and goal-setting, these teachers have time to meet with all their students one-on-one. Master Teachers provide the bulk of instruction to the students, which allows them time to focus on the content, interest, and joy of learning with their students. 

Families and community members are also valued teachers at Franklin Discovery. They assist our students by providing one-on-one tutoring, lending their expertise to Engage! classes, and being our kids' biggest cheerleaders. Learn more about all our teachers below!

Master/Lab Teachers instill a love of learning!

Master/Lab Teachers are highly qualified educators who have expertise in education and curriculum development. Each of our seven learning labs is staffed by a Master/Lab Teacher who specializes in that area. Master/Lab Teachers work together to teach students to make connections among the different subjects in our learning labs. Master/Lab Teachers create environments conducive to learning by employing a variety of appropriate teaching techniques such as guided practice, cooperative learning, direct instruction, and field experience.

Our Master/Lab Teachers plan and implement differentiated programs of study designed to meet the needs of each individual student. They use reflection, innovation, and creativity to build the highest-quality instruction for their students. Additionally, they host open, one-on-one assistance sessions where learners can receive individualized instruction to master touch concepts, keep on track, or jump ahead.

Mentoring Teachers help students set and achieve their goals!

Mentoring Teachers are the students' teacher of record and personal advisor. Mentoring Teachers are licensed teachers qualified to work with elementary students, but unlike traditional teachers, Mentoring Teachers do not have typical direct instruction responsibilities. These teachers help students set and achieve their academic and personal school goals through weekly one-on-one meeting and targeted, small group instruction on difficult concepts.

Mentoring Teachers also help bridge the gap between students' Foundations curriculum and Engage! curriculum. By working closely with Master/Lab Teachers and Academic Coaches, Mentoring teachers are able to focus on their students as "whole children" and to help them make connections between all of the knowledge they create.

Academic Coaches help students succeed through one-on-one support!

Academic Coaches promote learning by working one-on-one to help students progress through our unique, blended learning curriculum. Each Academic Coach is assigned a small group of students which they stay with all year.

Families and community members bring the world into the classroom!

In addition to our staffed teachers, Franklin Discovery Academy invites families and community members to be a part of their students' educational team. Whether they are teaching a special Engage! class, making copies for teachers, or reading to Kindergarteners, families and community members are an integral part our children's education.