November 14, 2017 - "Kicking Homework to the Curb"

Franklin Discovery Academy participated in a great story by KSL called, “Kicking Homework to the Curb.”  Find the story here:

This report is an indepth look at no homework policies.  At Franklin Discovery Academy, our strict no homework policy is part of our core philosophy.  Homework at the elementary school level has no documented benefit for elementary school-aged students.  Instead, homework is a perennial fight between parents and their children. Research shows that homework can actually be detrimental to young students because it takes away important play time, time outside, and developing interests and hobbies.

At Franklin Discovery Academy, we believe homework is also an unnecessary intrusion on family time.  We trust parents to know how best to use time away from school. We do strongly encourage 20 minutes of reading per night, but families are free to decide when, what, and how much to read.   

Franklin Discovery has a belief that schools exist to support parents, not the other way around.   Our school believes in a parent’s right to choose how and when to spend free time and so is proud to support a school-wide no homework policy.