Our Mission and Vision


Franklin Discovery Academy will cultivate a life-long sense of wonder and curiosity in every student.  We will equip students to discover meaningful value and purpose in the world and reach their full potential by helping them develop the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and excel academically.



We will achieve our vision by having our highly trained educators and diverse K-6 population of central Utah County children:


  • Our students will create meaningful purpose in the world and find a deepened awareness of the connections among the arts, music, science, literacy, math, social science, and wellness through the creation of tangible projects.
  • We will create innovative learning pathways for students with our emphasis on the whole child and respect for individual differences.


  • Our students will actively decide to learn in a collaborative effort among parents, teachers, fellow students, and the learning community through our rigorous, highly customizable, goal-oriented learning model.
  • We will enhance learning with technology-facilitated experiences that place emphasis on a student’s ability to set their own pace and path of instruction.


  • Our students will have numerous opportunities for meaningful play and field-based adventures to help them discover the wonders of the world around them.
  • We will research, design, and create a safe and joyful learning environment that nurtures and educates the whole child, allowing them to learn through play.


  • Our students will inspire the community around them as they come to confidently possess their innate talents, character, and resilience.
  • We will nurture, challenge, inspire and support our students in reaching and achieving their highest potential.