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2018-19 Meeting Schedule

Sept 13, 2018, October 17, 2018, November 8, 2018, December 13, 2018, January 11, 2019, February - No Meeting, March 8, 2019, April 12, 2019, May 10, 2019, June 14, 2019

Upcoming Public Meetings


Governing Board Meetings

Regular Board meetings are generally held on the SECOND Thursday of each month at 7 pm, except if that day falls on a holiday or conflicting event in which case the meeting will be held on the third Thursday.  Meetings are held at the school in the Literacy room or as updated on the notice board.  The meetings are open to the public, except when the board votes to go into executive session.  No meetings regularly scheduled meetings are held in July.

All meeting notices are published on the Utah Public Notice Website found here.

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