Mary Ann Kabir

Academic Coach

Hi! My name is Mary Ann Kabir. I love nature and am interested in science, especially genetics. I volunteered to set up the fish tank at Franklin Discovery Academy and I plan to breed guppies and Glofish there. I also love traveling and enjoy learning about other cultures. I grew up on military bases overseas, living in England, Germany, and Japan. Being familiar with the military, I enlisted in the Army National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan. I left the military to raise my family, so now my main focus is taking care of my three children. I'm not exactly a stay-at-home mom, though, because we never really stay home! We enjoy visiting playgrounds, parks, and museums; going hiking, swimming, or out for a walk; exploring and driving in the mountains. 

When I was a senior in high school, I was the math assistant in a tutoring class for 9th graders. I loved being able to explain the concepts in a simple, straightforward way so that it made sense to the student. Later, when my daughter started kindergarten, I became a weekly volunteer in her classroom. I was impressed with how her teacher was able to use schedules and routines to create an educational environment. I am a strong supporter of giving children the freedom to make choices in their education, and at the same time providing the structure that they need to achieve their full potential. I am excited to be at this school where children are given freedom and flexibility, playtime is valued, and learning is an adventure.