Laticia Garces

Academic Coach

I am so excited to be a part of Franklin Discovery and the amazing learning model and curriculum they have! I love kids and enjoy observing as they discover the world around them with their natural sense of adventure and curiosity. I think it will be so fun to be a part of this learning process! 

I live in Orem with my husband and our two sons, both of whom will be attending Franklin. I enjoy the outdoors—hiking, camping, running, swimming, biking. I recently accomplished my personal goal of completing a triathlon which was so fun! Some of my favorite foods are sushi, Indian curry, naan bread, and chocolate chip cookies. I’m three classes away from finishing a Bachelor’s degree focused on Marriage and Family Studies. I enjoy all types of music; and when I have the time, I enjoy playing the flute and piano. 

I anticipate lots of adventures and growing experiences as we learn together and make Franklin Discovery Academy what it is dreamed to be.