Julie Chacon, CSW

Interim Special Education Director

I am thrilled to be working at Franklin Discovery Academy to ensure all students are given the tools and supports to be successful. I started as a Founding Board member at the very conception of the Franklin Discovery Academy. My drive to build our school was fueled by my experience as a vocational counselor. I often worked with individuals who did not receive the needed supports from their educational institutions. I witnessed the long term negative impacts this had on their lives, especially employability. I worked to construct individualized plains for success. I helped facilitated proper supports and guides to ensure success. At Franklin Discovery I get to see the magical moments when a student gains confidence in their ability to learn, grow and succeed . This is my motivation to continue our work to build a strong Special Education Program. Education: Masters in Social Work from California State University, Dominguez Hills Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Business Management minor from Brigham Young University