John Adams

Social Sciences Master Teacher

John Adams is our social studies lab director.  He loves causing students to time travel to previous days and find people just like us everywhere we go.  In his class, students paint like they're Michelangelo, and fight in wars like they're General Grant or Achilles.  Students imagine they're exploring with Lewis and Clark or on mind experiments with Albert Einstein.  They wrestle with the great philosophers like Plato and the writers of tales from Russia to Utah.  They enjoy history to make today more enjoyable, too.

Mr. Adams is married and in December (2018) will have his 7th child.  He thinks his family deserves the best education possible, and as such, believes he should provide the best education possible to other children.  One of the questions that's most important in his classroom is "why?"  If we can answer the "why" questions of the world, we can explore anything.  

The only limits are the ones we put on ourselves!