Internet Safety

At Franklin Discovery Academy we strive to provide our students with a safe place to learn and explore. This includes the use of technology in our Homerooms. We utilize multiple systems to provide safety to our students. This includes internet safety training for students and staff as well as network safety systems

Internet Safety Training for students, staff and parents:

Grades kindergarten through second: 

Students participate in Netsafe Utah. There are four main topics discussed in this program which are:

    1. What is the Internet?
    2. What is Personal Information?
    3. Be Kind Online
    4. Tell an Adult 

Grades third through sixth:

When our kids are young, we do our best to help them get the most out of the Internet while protecting them from the online worldʼs risks and downsides. As children mature into teen hood, our role shifts to helping them learn to make their own safe and ethical decisions as they navigate their digital lives.

At Franklin Discovery Academy, we believe this means preparing our third through sixth students to:

Think critically and evaluate online sources.
Protect themselves from online threats, including bullies and scams.
Get smart about sharing: what, when, and with whom.
Be kind and respectful toward other people and their privacy.
Ask for help from a parent or other adult with tricky situations.

This year these efforts will include Be Internet Awesome, a multifaceted program designed to teach kids the skills they need to be safe and smart online. One of the resources, Interland, is a playful browser-based game that makes learning about digital safety interactive and fun— just like the Internet itself. Developed by Google in partnership with the educators and online safety experts at, Be Internet Awesome provides fun, age-appropriate learning experiences built around five foundational lessons:

  • Share with Care
  • Donʼt Fall for Fake
  • Secure Your Secrets
  • Itʼs Cool to Be Kind
  • When in Doubt, Talk It Out

Smart, safe technology usage can help students learn better, and help our schools function better. We believe the Be Internet Awesome program will mark an important step toward our goal of ensuring that all our students at Franklin Discovery Academy are learning, exploring, and staying safe online.

We encourage you to ask them about what weʼre doing in class; you might pick up a few privacy and security tricks yourselves!

Staff Members

Our staff members who work with students complete the course Teaching Digital Citizenship by NetSmartz. NetSmartz is an educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC)

This training covers the issues of:

  • Digital literacy & Ethics
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Online Sexual Solicitation
  • Online Privacy
  • Sexting
  • Cyberbullying


Though we cannot assign our parents homework we encourage you to learn about these programs you students will be using. Additionally, NetSmarts (an educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®) provides a free online training for parents. Click here to go to their page

All Students:

  • We utilize both a content filter and firewalls to protect our students. The Content filter has been approved by the State of Utah as meeting all federal requirements.
  • For students with school email, the email is restricted to only receive/send from within our network. What students send and receive are viewable by staff even if they hit "delete"
  • The majority of computers are restricted to pre-approved (whitelisted) websites. Each homeroom has 2-3 "research" computers that allows for the use of a wider range of websites while still providing our filter and firewall protections
  • Students are supervised by Academic Coaches and Teachers while using computers. 

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