What does it cost to attend Franklin Discovery Academy?

Nothing. Franklin Discovery Academy is a public charter school and as a public charter school, you will never be charged tuition.

Does Franklin Discovery Academy focus on academics or learning?

Research shows that modern schools are moving towards an emphasis on academics rather than learning. This means that schools are often more concerned with the mechanics of academics than actually learning. For example: how to take a test, rote memorization of information, and "siloing" of subjects.

At Franklin Discovery Academy, we want our students to learn. We want them to learn how science works in the world around them. We want them to know how math impacts art and how art impacts literacy and vice versa. We want them to learn how to read a book and apply what they learn. Memorization does have a space in our school for some of the key fundamental information students must know, but our main focus is on learning. 

How are charter schools governed?

Charter schools have their own governing boards and most operate independently of local school districts. Click here to see our Governing Board. The Utah State Board of Education and the State Charter School Board have oversight responsibility for charter schools and annually review the progress of every charter school.

Additionally, Franklin Discovery Academy has committees. Committees have an important role at in our school. They are formed by the governing board to promote the development of mission, vision, future strategic plans, and financial security for the school. Click here to see our committees. 

How does the kindergarten program work?

Kindergarteners need to learn the foundational skills which support reading and writing. They spend more time with books and paper then with technology. Our kindergarten uses a "rotation model" where students learn in seven subject-based learning centers. 

Our kindergarten has its own drop off/pick up area and its own play area. 

Does Franklin Discovery Academy require family volunteer hours?

We ask that every family commit to 20 hours per school year of volunteer work. Our amazing volunteers enable our students to enjoy extra fun educational activities.

Why doesn't Franklin Discovery Academy have homework?

Research does not support that homework at the younger grades has any meaningful benefit. One of the reasons our homerooms are open longer is so that any practice a student needs to do can be done at the school. Excess homework has been shown to interfere with a child's relationship with immediate and extended family members, and their larger community. Excess homework limits a child's ability to have valuable, unstructured play time while at home. 

There are many meaningful community activities that families can do to encourage learning outside of school. Check out our For fun! page for ideas.

Does Franklin Discovery Academy serve hot lunch?

Yes. We serve hot lunch on all scheduled school days. 

Does Franklin Discovery Academy participate in the National Food and Lunch Program?

Yes, we participate in the NFLP program. Click here for more information.

How do I enroll my child?

Please click here to visit our enrollment page. Here you find the open enrollment form and information on how to enroll your child.