Foundations Classes

Every child has a unique set of talents that when properly engaged lead to intellectual, academic, and life-long success. Foundations classes are computer-based courses that help a student learn foundational material in each of our seven learning areas (math and engineering, science and technology, literacy, social science, music, art, and wellness).

Students spend, on average, about a third of their day in homerooms working on Foundations classes.  Mentoring Teachers and Academic coaches provide one-on-one instruction, answer questions, monitor student attendance, and track progress towards learning goals.

Foundations classes  follow a mastery-learning model with students setting their own pace and path through the instruction. Homerooms are also be an opportunity for students to tutor one another and develop a sense of community.

Advantages to Homeroom Computer-Assisted Learning 

  • Students advance in subjects as soon as they master material
  • Mastery learning combined with individualized tutoring has demonstrated superior educational outcomes. Bloom's research demonstrated that 98% of tutored students outscored direct instruction (traditional classroom) students
  • Material is presented in multiple ways such as text, spoken, visual, and interactive activities
  • Students can take a break from studying and spend time in our STEMrec area
  • Allows for a more flexible school schedule based on the needs of the student and their family