Recent News Reports & Probation Information

Franklin Discovery Academy was recently (late Feb 2017) the subject of significantly inaccurate media reports and rumors.  These reports claimed student safety incidents that simply did not happen or were greatly exaggerated.  A perfect storm of circumstances led to the school being placed on a short, four-month probation by the state charter board.  As a first year charter school starting an incredibly complicated model from scratch, it is not a surprise we haven't had a perfect first year.  However, the school has also had many successes, but most importantly, the school is safe for students.  

The week after the probation, we had visits from the State Fire Marshall, State Risk Management Officer, the Health Department, and the Utah County Sheriff's Office.  All have judged the school safe for students.  Many of our probation requirements are to document programs and processes already in place.  The staff is hard at work to comply with those requirements.  Other probationary requirements are to "sharpen the saw" on our procedures under the direction of a state-approved mentor.  Although the process of completing all of the probationary requirements is time-consuming, we feel we will emerge an even stronger school.  Our school is a living, breathing place that thrives on continuous improvement.  Even prior to the probation, we "tweaked" our procedures about every 7 weeks, with each iteration being better than the one before.  The probation requirements are stretching us, but it all fits in with our goals to become an educational wonderland never before seen in Utah.  One can never have too much help on such an ambitious endeavor, and so we've been grateful to the many parents and supporters who have pitched in to help.  If you are a new parent considering Franklin Discovery, and would like to hear directly from a current parent about these events, please feel free to contact us.