Floor 1

Our first floor holds the Master Labs, where students will take Engage! classes and the STEMrec Lab. Here you will also find the main office, cafeteria, and gym.

Floor 2

The second floor is where the homerooms are. These homerooms are the students' "home base" and where they will be taking their Foundations classes and meeting with their Mentoring Teachers.


STEMrec Lab

This is a large, indoor area that holds exhibits and play equipment where kids can learn about the world around them through play and experiential learning. The STEMrec area is open all day for student use.

Outdoor Playground

The outdoor playground is where students will be spending recess. In addition to getting the wiggles out, kids will be building their motor and social skills alongside their classmates.

Outdoor Classroom

At Franklin Discovery Academy, we believe that learning can and should take place outside of the classroom. This outdoor space will allow students to experience nature up close as they are learning.