Education Model

You might be thinking: What sets Franklin Discovery Academy apart from other charter schools? When you look at our programs, you’ll see that our charter school learning approach is individualized to make sure a student’s needs and hurdles are addressed efficiently. As opposed to a traditional classroom, our model ensures that students completely understand the material before moving forward, rather than endure a lecture in which some material may not be absorbed. Our charter school learning approach is sure to help develop your child’s abilities to interact with the world on all levels.

With the Franklin Discovery Academy personalized learning model, students spend about a third of their day in each of three different types of activities:



Foundations classes are computer-based. Students work on them at their own pace and path in their homeroom with academic coaches and mentoring teachers at their side. Learn more!


Engage! classes are hands-on, project-based, experiential type classes where students can apply learning to the real world and make connections between subjects. Engage! classes may take place in one of our seven Learning Labs, on a field-trip, or other location. Learn more!

Meaningful Play

Young students need to move!  Research supports the need for significant, meaningful play in order to help students concentrate and develop physically, socially, and emotionally. Learn more!     


Direct Instruction

Class instruction moves forward when the average student has only learned 70% of the presented material.

Individual Tutoring

Average tutored student outscores 97% of direct instruction students.

Mastery Learning

The student does not move on until previous content is mastered.


To learn more about this program, call us today at 801-785-6500 and schedule a guided tour. Trust Franklin Discovery Academy to help enhance your child’s educational experience.