Dr. Wendy Porter

Founding Board Member & Vice-chair of the Board

Technology is transforming the landscape of what is possible in tailored learning. Fast finishers and those struggling with content can effectively progress.

Following graduation from law school, I worked as an attorney at a law firm ranked as one of the 100 Most Prestigious Law Firms in the world. I represented major corporate clients in areas including contract law, corporate organization and finances, tort law, and property law. I wanted to take my legal experience and use it to further my goals to serve as a community and organization builder and teacher mentor. My conclusion was that I would obtain a degree–formal expertise in education, to organize an exceptional charter school, manage its legal and pedagogical aspects with my legal and educational expertise, and, thus, build the community by serving the children with effective teaching and mentoring. Accordingly, I gained admittance and have recently graduated from Brigham Young University’s Instructional Psychology and Technology PhD program. I have published/been accepted for publication in the areas of educational technology trends and blended learning implementation. I have also acted as an independent consultant regarding secondary education accreditation requirements in Utah, developed a model educational technology implementation plan for the Greaves Group, and assisted in developing the curriculum for a blended learning professional development course.  I hope to use my legal and pedagogical training and experience as a community/organization builder and teacher/mentor to serve the Founding Board in developing an exemplary charter school that will effectively serve the children in our community.

Qualifications: J.D., PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology