Director's Page

Director's Message 6/2017

We are officially off probation!

State Charter Board staff described the “remarkable progress” the school has made to the Board, and they recognized that progress by improving our status from probation to “warning." The warning status is a natural next step in how state oversight works for charter schools. In our case, we are thrilled to be off probation after only four months when probation typically lasts for one-year.

Our remarkable progress is a testament to the commitment and dedication of our staff and demonstrates the resolve we have to continue creating an exceptional educational experience for our students. We also thank all of you as parents for believing in the school and the model by supporting us during the probation.

The Board voted on a warning status that is effective through March 2018, at which point we will meet with them again to evaluate next steps. Being on warning means we will continue to receive oversight (but at a lesser level) and support from the State Charter Board staff for the purpose of ensuring that our positive progress continues and that the systems and processes we have put in place are sustainable.

We will welcome their feedback and support as we as we fine-tune aspects of the school. Thank you again for all of the wonderful parental support.