Deb Slik

SPED Teacher

I have been educating children since the birth of my first child twenty-three years ago. I started my career teaching pre- and elementary students at a Montessori school in New Mexico while my three children were attending the same school. It was a great beginning on my path as a teacher because it helped me to understand and appreciate that children have their own unique characters, talents, and interests in what they want to learn. 

My bachelor’s degree in elementary and special education is from the University of West Florida, and my endorsement in secondary English made it possible for me to teach at various elementary and high schools in several states, including Utah. My education also includes my invaluable time (twenty-five years!) as a military wife traveling the country and the world, appreciating the various cultures, national parks, and local flavors of each area in which we were stationed by the US Air Force. This hands-on, real-world experience has only increased my appreciation and deep respect for people from all cultures, backgrounds, and learning atmospheres.

I believe it is important to educate the whole child by addressing his or her mental, physical, and emotional needs. I love mentoring and working with students to help them achieve their greatest potential by planning and carrying out creative lessons and activities that inspire them to want to succeed in life. I am pleased that my husband’s military career brought us to Utah; we are looking forward to putting down roots in this lovely part of the country.