David Weaver

Art Master Teacher

My name is David Weaver and I am very happy to have the opportunity to be the Master Art Teacher for Franklin Discovery Academy. I am very passionate about the arts and believe they are essential in teaching students how to become well-rounded and ready to face the obstacles of the next generation.  Art is much more than simply drawing pretty pictures. It teaches students to think creatively, to use their imagination, to think outside the box. It is vital in the development of teaching problem-solving skills.  Research studies have shown that students who study Art do much better in all subjects, (including math, science, and English) than those who do not. Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than Knowledge." Art is essential for students to learn and grow into the leaders of tomorrow. The leaders of tomorrow must be able to come up with creative solutions to the world's problems. Their imagination will spark countless businesses that will change and shape our world. Art is not just found in galleries and museums, it is in all of the products that we buy, from the style, function, and design, all the way to the advertising, marketing, and graphic design that is used to sell them. It is in our entertainment, the games we play, and the movies we watch. Art is all around us. I am very excited to be a part of that process and to help the students of Franklin Discovery tap into their potential and to help them learn how to use their imagination and creativity.

I have a very strong foundation in the Arts and a well-rounded experience in education. I have always loved drawing growing up. But when I was younger, I was never very good at it. I had an amazing art teacher, Mr. Laney, who taught me that art is a learnable skill. It takes practice and dedication, and if you want to become a good artist, then you need to practice all the time, just like students who play the piano or play competitive sports. I really took that to heart and started drawing all the time. I really started to improve. I loved it so much that I decided to make a career out of it. I received my bachelor's degree in Illustration from Utah Valley University and had the opportunity to learn from some amazing instructors, such as illustrator Will Terry and Perry Stewart. I continued my education and earned my master's degree in Art Education from the University of Nebraska. To put myself through school, I started painting murals and portraits for people and I turned it into an effective decorative painting business. I was using my creativity to paint murals and custom decorative paint, faux finishing, and Venetian plaster for homes and business throughout Utah and ran a successful business for over 6 years.

Unfortunately, in 2008 when the economy took a turn downwards, and my business was suffering, my wife and I got an offer to go teach overseas. We had friends that were currently teaching in China and really encouraged us to go, even if only for a year or two. My wife is also a teacher, so we decided to take a chance. We sold all of our things and moved our small family to Guangzhou, China, to teach in an International School. I was teaching Art and my wife was teaching Elementary. It was the beginning of an amazing adventure. China was amazing. We loved our life there. The language was hard, but we loved experiencing a new culture and making friends from all over the world. We liked it so much we stayed in China for almost seven years. During that time I taught at three different schools, two of which were International Baccalaureate schools (IB Schools). I taught students from all over the globe. It was another great opportunity to learn more about different cultures. IB schools are renowned all over the world for their emphasis on inquiry-based learning. Inquiry-based learning is different from traditional learning in that it doesn't just report the facts. It poses questions, problems, and scenarios to the students and encourages them to problem solve to find the answers. It is an incredible method of teaching and I am very excited to share my methods and knowledge about Art with the students of Franklin Discovery Academy.