Counselor Page

Friendship Group

Our school counselor, Katie Barker, offers a variety of friendship group classes.  Please contact her to request enrollment for your student.

Parent/Student Surveys

Our school counselor wants to learn about which topics you'd like to talk about and explore this year at Franklin Discovery! Both parents and students are an important part of the conversation, so please fill out the appropriate survey below to help her with this. 

Parent Survey
Student Survey

Counseling Consent Forms

Franklin Discovery Academy offers short-term individual counseling to students.  Parents/guardians or school staff may refer students for counseling, or students may request counseling. For counseling that extends beyond two sessions in a school year or that is planned on a regular basis, parent/guardian permission is to be obtained. Please review, print, and return this form if you would like to give permission for your child to receive counseling.

School Counseling Informed Consent Form

Parent Referral

Parents, if you would like to refer your child to see our school counselor, please fill out the form below.

Parent Referral Form