Counseling Corner

Angel Tree and Food Drive

Each year, I organize an angel tree and food drive for the holiday season. If your family could use a little holiday magic and would like to be placed on the angel tree, please submit an application to me as soon as possible. The link to the application can be found below.

The food drive is running now through the 15th. The homerooms are in competition to see which room collects the most food. The winning homeroom will receive a special party. All food donated will be taken to Community Action in Provo.

Angel Tree application

Small Group Classes

I offer a variety of small group classes. This year the available classes are Fox Friends (friendship/social skills), Soda Pop Heads (anger management), Worry Warriors (anxiety), and Banana Splits (divorce/separation). Other topics may be added as needed. Spaces are limited to 6 students per class. Usually, 2 different groups will be offered each block. Referrals may be submitted at any time and your student will be invited to participate the next time that group is offered. Please fill out the recommendation form below to request enrollment for your student.

Students participating in groups need to have permission from their parent/guardian. If your student has been invited to join a group, please fill out the appropriate permission slip and return it to me as soon as possible.

Soda Pop Heads

Fox Friends Permission slip

Worry Warrior permission slip

Counseling Consent Forms

Franklin Discovery Academy offers short-term individual counseling to students.  Parents/guardians or school staff may refer students for counseling, or students may request counseling. For counseling that extends beyond two sessions in a school year or that is planned on a regular basis, parent/guardian permission is to be obtained. Please review, print, and return this form if you would like to give permission for your child to receive counseling.

Parent Authorization Form for individual counseling

Parent Referral

Parents, if you would like to refer your child to see me, please fill out the form below.

Parent Referral Form