Scott Tarabilda

Facilities Manager

My name is Scott Tarabilda, and I am from Murrieta, California. I lived in California my whole life until moving out to Utah for school. I studied Emergency Services Administration at Utah Valley University and graduated in December of 2017. I plan on obtaining my Master’s degree at UVU in Public Services and working as an emergency manager of a city or organization. I am the fourth of five kids with two brothers and two sisters. One of my biggest passions includes basketball. I have played my entire life, and continue to play as often as I can. Sports are pretty much my life, and I cannot go a day without checking ESPN. I am a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors and Duke basketball. I served an LDS mission in Mexico City from May 2013 - May 2015. I have worked construction, coached freshman high school basketball, and I currently love my job as facilities manager at FDA!