ASPIRE (Student Information Systems)

Creating an Account

To create a parent account, you will need your student's 4 digit ID number and their birthdate. If you have not receive your student's 4 digit number please call (801) 785-6500.   On the right hand side, you will choose "Contacts with WebAccess may Request a Username". 

If you have not received your student's 4 digit ID number, please email or call (801) 785-6500. 

SIBLINGS: You will only have to create one account and all siblings will show up together in Aspire. If all of your registered students do not appear on your account, please email Preschool students are not in ASPIRE.

Areas in ASPIRE

Student Name/ID Number/Alerts

Your student's legal name will appear followed by their 4 digit ID number. To the right of your student's name and ID number, a medical symbol will appear if they have a medical condition or allergies. If your student's medical/allergy information is incorrect or missing, please email or call the school at (801) 785-6500.  

Franklin Discovery Academy 

In this area you may view your student's current schedule and their Mentoring Teacher's name. Clicking on the envelope to the left of the teacher's name will allow you to email your student's teacher. 

You may also view your student's attendance record in this area, including any absences. 


Your student's health information will appear in this location, including any medical conditions or allergies that may impact them while at school. If your student has a food allergy, a fork/spoon symbol will also appear. 

By clicking on "Other", you will find information regarding your student's health center visits. Please note that we do not have a nurse on-site; health visits are attended by the front office staff. You may also view your student's immunization records.

If your student's health information is not correct, please email or call the school at (801) 785-6500. You cannot add or remove medical information online.

Medical information is shared with the student's Mentoring Teacher and Master Teachers. If you do not wish your student's teachers to access to this information please contact the school to discuss restriction of information options. 



This tab lists the student's legal guardians. Unless other legal documentation was provided to the school, "legal guardian" refers to any parent listed on the student's birth certificate. If you need to remove a custodial individual from ASPIRE, please contact the school. You may need to provide Franklin Discovery Academy with legal documentation.


This tab lists individuals who do not have custodial rights to the student. Franklin Discovery Academy must be provided with legal documentation before a parent listed on the birth certificate can be noted as "non-custodial." This includes, but is not limited too, restraining orders, divorce degrees, or legal records indicating the student is in state custody. Please bring such documentation to the Registrar during normal business hours. 

Emergency Contacts:

This tab lists individuals the school will contact if we are unable to reach legal guardians. A green arrow pointing right indicates the student may be released to this individual. If you see a grey arrow, you can click on it to make it green.


This section is for state assessments only. For students in the 1st through 3rd grade, reading assessment scores are available from the current school year. SAGE scores (3rd through 6th grade) are controlled by the State Board of Education Assessment Department, and are not reported to ASPIRE until August of the following school year. If you have specific questions on SAGE or reading assessments, please email or call your student's Mentoring Teacher.


You can view your student's current lunch balance and deposit money into their account using Instant Payments.


Starting the second block (terms) parents will be able to request Engage! classes. The student's mentor teacher while review the requests and complete the scheduling procedure.