Ashleigh Tataipu

Mentor Teacher

My name is Ashleigh Tataipu and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to spend my days in a classroom. As an elementary school student, looking long into the future I wrote, “In twenty years I want to be a teacher” and although it’s not quite been twenty years, I guess you can say that my life is proof that some dreams do come true! I love teaching your children and being a part of the rich community at Franklin Discovery Academy.

I studied both Early Childhood Education and Special Education at BYU-I and have worked in multiple elementary school classrooms post-graduation. I enjoy bringing life to learning through hands-on projects, sometimes silly antics and role playing. I also like Butterfingers, but I think that’s beside the point! By day I am thrilled to be a teacher, and by night I am equally elated to be a Mom to my three young children with my husband, Logan, by my side.