AshLee Winterrose

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello, my name is AshLee Winterrose and my students call me Miss AshLee!

In a teaching interview once, I was asked, “If you were an animal what would you be?” I was caught off guard, to say the least, but the first thing that came to mind was…

"a mama bear"

…and to tell you the truth, that will tell you more about me than anything else. I love children; I love their excitement for life, their curiosity of the world, their resiliency and strength, their ability to forgive, and their love and compassion for others.

Add to that, I LOVE teaching; play-based learning and teaching kindergarten are my passion. I advocate for each of my students as if they were my own. I have taught in a kindergarten classroom for 5 years, and over the last two years I added preschool to my experience. In my classroom play is our work. We are constantly engaged in asking questions and finding answers through experimenting, documenting, and teamwork. We are building knowledge through hands-on learning and curiosity. I want to guide, to support, to create an atmosphere rich in opportunities to build knowledge, to forge caring and supportive relationships, and to create a nurturing environment where a child can thrive. 

When I found Franklin Discovery, the philosophy was so succinct with my own that I knew I had to be involved. First I wanted my two daughters to attend. Next I knew I wanted to teach there, to teach with other educators who share my love of guiding children and passion for the type of teaching that fits all students and supports the whole child. I want to continually improve as an educator and to do that you must surround yourself with others who inspire you. This is what Franklin Discovery represents to me.

In play, children are anything but small; they have big words, big ideas, big dreams. What an opportunity it is to serve as their guides to help them reach, support their steps, and watch them fulfill all the potential they possess. I am so excited to be a part of this school, to teach with other amazing educators, to get the opportunity to build relationships with so many wonderful parents, and, best of all, to have each day blessed by my classroom of students. I think "excited" is quite the understatement, and I can’t wait to get to know you.

Here are some of the more formal details: I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and an emphasis in Early Childhood Education, I was awarded one of the Ace Awards in Wasatch School District my first year teaching, I served on the committee that wrote the current K-2 Science curriculum for the state of Utah, and I am currently working on my master's in Curriculum and Instruction.