Amanda Heinzen

Mentoring Teacher

Hello! My name is Amanda Heinzen. My husband and I grew up in Stockton, California, then later moved to Rexburg, Idaho, where I got my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I delight in a great many things that either involves creating (writing, knitting, crocheting, cooking) or experiencing the creations of others (reading, scouring Netflix, touring Aperture Science, eating)! The coolest thing I've done to date is helping raise a puppy with the Guide Dogs for the Blind program. Though our pup was dropped for medical reasons (we got to keep her!) we hope to raise another puppy in the future. What I love most about my job at Franklin Discovery is the ability to do what I've always struggled with making time for in my classroom: working one-on-one with the students. I am thrilled to work with our amazing staff to build the best experience for these children. The greatest adventure is what lies ahead!