Amanda Dein

Mentor Teacher (11:30 class)

I received my Bachelor of Arts in English from Wayne State University in Michigan, where I am from originally.  I have recently earned my K-6 teaching license and am excited to begin my first year of actual teaching as the newest Kindergarten teacher at Franklin!  I enjoy volunteering, cooking and baking (if somebody else is doing the cleaning up), spending time in the mountains (my absolute FAVORITE place to be is American Fork Canyon), Pinteresting (is that an official word yet?), and above all else reading.  For the past two years I have been a volunteer and FSO officer at Franklin Discovery.  I am also going into my 4th year as a Girl Scout leader to a troop that will now include all three of my daughters.  My husband and I moved to Utah in 2009, and I have since fallen in love with this state.  We have 4 amazing and wacky kids, one boy followed by three girls.  The three oldest have been students at Franklin since opening day and according them it is the BEST SCHOOL EVER! The youngest will be joining them this year as a Kindergartener.  Our full house is rounded out with 1 dog, 5 cats, 1 fish, and a snail. 

While this will be my first-year teaching, I am not new to education.  I have been involved in education since high school when I began tutoring.  I have years of experience tutoring students aged elementary through adult.  When I had children of my own, I continued to feed my passion for hands on education by developing fun and engaging preschool curriculums as part of a neighborhood co-op preschool.  I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing the look on a child’s face when a new concept finally clicks, and this is what led me to Franklin Discovery, where I have been an Academic Coach for the past two years.  This last year I worked exclusively in Kindergarten where I confirmed something I already suspected, Kindergarteners are my people.  I was inspired to start pursuing my teaching license in hopes that if a Mentor Teacher spot opened, I would be ready to jump in with both feet.  That happened sooner than I expected but I am SOOO excited for this opportunity.

My teaching style is simple, I will strive every day to be a teacher that I would want my own children to have.  This means respectful, patient, compassionate, and engaged.  I believe in the Franklin philosophy that learning should be fun and school should be a place where children want to be and where they can progress at their own pace as part of a safe and inclusive community.  I believe that when children are engaged in what they are learning, they are not just memorizing, they are building pathways to complete understanding and mastery.  As a kindergarten teacher I believe this means using methods that are multi-sensory and highlight the fact that playing is learning.  Franklin Discovery is a unique school in that it does not just share my beliefs that school should be fun and individualized, it makes it a reality.  I am so glad that I have the chance to be a part of this philosophy and the chance to make sure our youngest students benefit fully from all that Franklin Discovery has to offer.