About Charters

What are Charter Schools?

Charter schools are public schools with a twist. Like traditional public schools, charter schools are open to all students and cannot discriminate against any applicants. Unlike traditional public schools, charter schools are free to be innovative in the way that they teach, giving kids opportunities to learn in ways that work for them.

Because charter schools are public schools, they are subject to the same standards, laws, and financial management requirements as traditional public schools.  Charter schools are free to all families and no student can be denied acceptance if there is an open spot available.

Many charter schools have specialties that set them apart from other schools. Some examples of these specialties include STEM schools, online schools, or performing arts schools. Each charter school has a unique way to help children learn and offers educational models that may fit your child better than a traditional school setting.

There is much research supporting the use of charter schools to effectively educate children, especially those from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, some charter schools have been shown to prepare children for college better than traditional public schools and have even started to close the achievement gap. Charter schools are able to do this because they have the freedom to create curriculum that fits their students and to hire staff who support their students and educational model.

Charter schools offer more choices for the effective education of our children, and Franklin Discovery Academy is happy to be one of those choices. You can learn more about Franklin Discovery Academy and our innovative approach to learning on our Education Model page.

To learn more about charter schools in general, visit the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ website or the Utah State Office of Education’s Charter School website.